uWaterloo Feedback Loops

The school I attend, the University of Waterloo, runs on a 4 month semester schedule with a twist. The twist is that every semester we switch between internships and school.

An indirect benefit of this is that we have a 4 month long feedback loop. This aids in our career growth as we’re able to work in industry for one semester, take 4 months to reflect, and use those lessons to take the next step in our career. This feedback loop coupled with 6 internship opportunities — as required by our degree — contribute to a Waterloo students career progression.

From a personal growth standpoint, I can also constrain my goals to 4 months since there’s a distinct start and end of each semester.

As a result of this change, Waterloo students are constantly on the go. This is all fun and exciting at the beginning but after a few years it becomes exhausting. The constant change of locations, the constant change of people around you, and constantly thinking about careers. After awhile I yearn for stability and familiarity.

December 27, 2020

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