Wayback Machine

Back in 2018, when I was running the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference, I was interested in reconnecting with our past alumni but unfortunately we lost our archives. So instead I went on the Wayback Machine to find archived copies of our site. A number of our previous sites had a teams page that listed the organizers involved. I checked what they were up to now and many were doing cool things like starting companies, running funds, or working at prominent companies in senior positions.

Sometimes out of curiosity I’ll also explore previous iterations of a website. For example, I was curious what Facebook’s website looked like in 2006. I went on the Wayback machine and found it:

Facebook in 2006Facebook in 2006

Whether it be viewing previous versions of a website or preserving copies of defunct web pages, the wayback machine is an important - and fun - tool for the internet.

December 31, 2022

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