What’s Your Name?

The other day I went to an event and had a long conversation with a guy named Sven. Near the end of the conversation I said, It was a pleasure talking to you Sven!”. This surprised him, Holy shit, you remember my name! It was great talking to you too Jason!” [1]. I laughed and I corrected him.

I’ve always been good with names. I’d meet somebody once and remember their name for a long time. Now, I realize what a gift this is.

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. - How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

When someone forgets my name, it’s no fault of the other person, and most people aren’t good with names. But when someone does remember my name, that person says I see you”. That’s a powerful feeling.

Deep down to be seen is what we all strive for.

Whenever I’m meeting someone for the first time I make sure I get their name right, I’ll ask them to spell if it necessary. This is my way of saying, I see you”.

[1] Jason is the number one name most people mistake mine for.

January 11, 2020

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