Why I Host Events

I read an article recently that claimed that event planning is the most stressful job. The past few weeks, as we were organizing the Wholesome Writing Party, I was reminded of that. There’s lots of work involved behind the scenes in organizing an event. First, you have to get people to attend: social media/email marketing, personal reachouts, partnerships, etc. The second part is the event experience: venue, food and drinks, sponsors, programming, atmosphere, decorations, etc.

I’ve organized events both big and small in the past and what makes it especially stressful is most of the work is done at the deadline. Many RSVPs arrive close to the date, sponsors and partnerships typically close by then, and everything often comes together at the last minute. The day of the event is chaotic. There is a lot to manage and coordinate. Unexpected issues usually crop up.

So why do I keep organizing events? Because it’s rewarding, organizing an event is like world-building. You get to create your own little universe with your own laws. You curate the guest list, the vibe, the music, the drinks, the dress code, and you can add your own unique spin to it. Organizing events is another creative outlet for me. The best feeling is when guests leave your event with one more connection, one more memory, and one more smile than when they first arrived.

Tomorrow’s Wholesome Writing Party is the event that I wished existed, an event that I’d love to attend myself, and it’s surreal to see it come together.

November 16, 2023

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