Why New York

Many people have asked me why I moved to New York? I jokingly answer, It’s New York.” Is there any other explanation needed? But on a more serious note, I had the freedom to move to any city in North America as a remote worker. Choosing which city to live in is one of the most important decisions of our lives. Hence, I put much thought into this decision.

It came down to Toronto, San Francisco, and New York. And I eventually chose the latter. Here’s why:

  1. Location. New York’s a short one hour and a half flight to Toronto. It’s also in the same timezone. I plan on traveling home often so NYs close proximity to Toronto was huge for me.
  2. A few close friends planned on moving to New York. This would make the transition much easier.
  3. Common advice is to live in the epicenter of the industry you’re in and New York’s the epicenter of many industries I care about such as technology, writing, and web3.
  4. I wrote about this extensively in a previous blog post but New Yorkers have exceptional taste. You can see this through the way people dress, the music shops and cafes play, and the books people read on the subway and in parks.
  5. There’s tonnes of media that advocate for New York. Whether it’s Frank Sinatra’s New York New York, Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind, or my personal favourite, E. B. White’s Here is New York. I couldn’t pass up on the chance to live in what’s arguably known as the center of the world.
September 12, 2022

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