Why Not Do What You Love?

During my solo travels in South America, I went on several tours - walking tours, food tours, hiking tours, etc. Two of them, however, left a special impression. The first was a tour of one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the former murder capital of the world - now transformed. Our guide, a young Colombian activist who grew up there, shared her story of the area’s tragic past and hope for the future. The other was a tour of a jungle, guided by an environmentalist determined to protect and educate on the environment. Both were passionate about their work, and that enthusiasm was contagious.

There’s a big difference between someone that truly cares about what they do and someone that does it for a job. When I ask my friends about teachers that inspired them, the common thread was the teachers were passionate about their subject and shared that passion with their students. Their passion is inspiring, and it begs the question why shouldn’t I do what I love too?

Yesterday, when I was watching Pharrell’s fashion show, it was clear that he loves what he’s doing. Watching his show made me want to become a fashion designer. It was another reminder that when you love what you do, this feeling will be conveyed through the work itself.

July 30, 2023

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