Work in Progress: How to Improve Your Style Guide

This past Summer, I dedicated myself to learning fashion, an art I had no prior knowledge of. I immersed myself in the industry by reading books, taking courses, talking to fashion insiders, and experimenting with my own style. This gave me insight into the practical side of fashion: how to build a wardrobe from scratch (I donated 90% of my existing wardrobe), how to style your clothes, and developing your personal style. But I was also curious about the craft of fashion: how the industry operates, how trends emerge, and the dynamics of power, topics I’ve learned about since.

This fashion journey has been a transformative one for me: one that changed how others view me, and more importantly how I view myself. I consistently get a lot of questions about fashion, especially from my guy friends. It’s clear there’s a need for guidance on this topic.

I’m currently writing a Julian Shapiro style guide on How to Improve Your Style targeted towards men. It will cover topics like why fashion is important, how to build a capsule wardrobe, shopping tips, finding a personal style, and helpful links and resources.

Every Thursday over the next few weeks, I’ll release a section of the guide until it’s complete.

Stay tuned for updates :)

October 22, 2023 · How to Improve Your Style

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