Writing and Rewriting

I’m obsessed with the process of writing, which consists of rewriting again, again, and again.

My daily blog is meant more as an idea generation exercise. As evident by my occasional typo or grammatical error. These daily posts are lightly edited. I don’t even use spell check or grammarly (I write in Sublime Text, a code editor).

When I work on more substantial pieces, I’ll rewrite multiple times. First, I’ll write a first draft to get all my thoughts down. Then I rewrite. By the end of my writing session, I’m feeling pretty happy with my piece. Especially because I knew how bad it was at the beginning and how much better it is now.

I’ll set then set the draft aside for a few days. When I re-read the piece, I’m mortified by how bad my writing is. I can see multiple areas of improvement. I rewrite. Then I’m happy once more.

This process repeats.

Eventually, I know when it’s good enough, then I’ll publish.

This process of writing and rewriting, and seeing an idea evolve over time is why I love to write.

October 13, 2022

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