Writing for Career Advancement

There’s many different motivations for someone to start writing:

  1. Writing for Passion
  2. Writing for Profit
  3. Writing for Advancement

As for myself, I first got into writing for personal development. I heard that writing was one of the best ways to clarify my thinking and explore my thoughts. After more than a year of writing everyday, I can attest that it’s indeed true. Writing is the most valuable thing I do, it’s the foundation of my personal development.

Eventually, I came to really enjoy writing for writing’s sake. Writing gives me a feeling of fulfillment and joy that I haven’t felt in years. But as I continue to grow, it’s important to constantly experiment and reinvent myself.
Part of the magic of writing is its versatility, I can apply it to enhance any area of my life. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of writing to advance my career. I’m also lucky that I’m in an industry and a career path that I genuinely enjoy. Especially, since I’m still early in my career, writing for advancement is an option that combines my career interests with my knack for writing.

More to be announced on a later date.


May 1, 2021

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