A few weeks ago, Derek Sivers sent an email announcing an early release of his new book, Hell Yeah or No. 

Yesterday, I got another email from him saying he sold all 5,000 books and made $250k from it.

Here’s what he did with that money:

I’ll admit, it made me ridiculously happy to make $250,000. I was expecting way less than that, so it was a big surprise. I had a spring in my step for days.

Then I thought about what to do with the money. There’s nothing I want to buy. Should I put it in an investment account? Eh. For what purpose? I don’t want more money.

So, I decided to donate it to charity.

He didn’t say he was going to donate the money to charity in the initial email. He simply made the money, realized he didn’t need it, and gave it away.

Sivers truly is one of a kind.

I’d love to do the same one day…

August 6, 2020

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