A Few Notes on Athens

Parthenon in Athens, Greece ⁃ Athens, being one of the main cities of the great ancient Greeks, is the cradle of Western civilization.
⁃ Despite the historical significance of the city, the modern city scape is quite depressing.
⁃ One day we’ll look at NYC and London the same way we look at Athens, Rome, and the other great cities of the past.
⁃ Getting used to NYC prices means every country is cheap to travel.
⁃ There’s strong distrust in the government and in institutional organizations in Greece. This one shop owner explained that Greeks prefer cash because they want to see something physical, not digits in a bank account.
⁃ Every metro station we’ve visited is like a mini museum, they each house Ancient Greek artifacts.
⁃ Athens is an archaeological goldmine ⁃ They have their own alphabet instead of using the Latin alphabet.
⁃ Greek food is absolutely elite. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest.

June 7, 2024

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