Alexander the Grate

On Tyler Cowen’s podcast, Conversations with Tyler, he hosted an interview with a rather unique guest. Alexander the Grate, as he calls himself, is a well read and well spoken man who from Washington DC. The kicker? He’s been homeless for over 40 years. Here’s the rest of his introduction:

Alexander the Grate prefers the label NFA (No Fixed Address) rather than homeless,” since in his view we’re all a little bit homeless: even millionaires are just one catastrophe away from losing their mansions. It’s a life that certainly comes with many challenges, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying the immense cultural riches of the capital: he and his friends have probably attended more lectures, foreign films, concerts, talks, and tours at local museums than many of its wealthiest denizens. The result is a perspective as unique as the city itself.
August 10, 2022

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