All Roads Lead to New York

Today, I attended a writing meetup in Brooklyn where I saw an old friend Sam. Sam and I met at a conference in Vancouver in 2018, it’s a crazy coincidence that I saw him at this meetup in New York. So many people I know are either in New York or moving here. I saw the other day on Instagram, my friend just moved from Toronto to Manhattan. On LinkedIn, one of my past coworkers said that he’s now based in New York from SF. A few online friends that I kept up with are already living here.

NYC is a hub. It’s a center for tourism and business. People from all over visit and move to the city. Whatever artist, musician, or author you can think of will likely host some sort of event here.

Perhaps this is me basking in New York exceptionalism, but sooner or later, all roads lead to New York.

July 17, 2022

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