Annual Planning Season

Every year, as the year comes to a close, I return back home to Toronto for Christmas. This is a time I look forward to as I spend time with family, friends, and reflect on the past year, and set intentions for the coming year.

I found Anne Laure’s annual review template to be incredibly helpful because it covers all the major areas of life. It includes health & fitness, work & business, friends & community, personal life & family, learning & knowledge, travel & culture, hobbies & creativity, emotions & spirituality, and money & finance. When I first did this exercise three years ago, I realized that my strengths were in friends/community and health/fitness, but I needed to work on travel/culture and romantic relationships. These areas became my main focus for the following year.

For me, annual planning requires several days of dedicated time, with each work session lasting at least three hours. It involves self-awareness and repeatedly asking the question, What do I want?” across multiple days to ensure I arrive at the truest answer.

I began my annual planning a few weeks ago and will soon be sharing my 2023 annual review.

Read my previous annual reviews here.

December 22, 2023

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