Being Me

A genius is one whose most like himself - Theolonius Monk

I noticed there’s something in common between those I admire most, whether it be the entrepreneur/writer Derek Sivers, the musician Brian Eno, or the film director Hayao Miyazaki. These people create innovative, ground-breaking work, work that moves an industry, work that changes live, work that inspires a sense of awe. To me, what they share in common is they’re being themselves and using their craft whether it be words, musical notes, or animation to express themselves.

Impact is not their main goal; doing work that authentically expresses who they are is the goal. Doing work they find fun and purposeful is the goal. Impact is simply a by-product.

I want to be the most me possible. I learned that I love creating things. Right now, that’s companies, essays, and products. Later, that’s children’s books, sci-fi movies, and experimental music to name a few.

I want my work to express who I am. I want my work to challenge the status quo. I want my work to inspire others to be themselves.

November 10, 2021

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