Beyond Comparison

Yesterday, my friend and I discussed the topic of comparing ourselves to others. We specifically talked about the most recent instance when we felt envious and uncomfortable in comparison to someone else. It genuinely took me some time to think of an answer since it has been a while since I last found myself in that situation. Although it still occurs occasionally, it happens much less frequently compared to when I was younger.

A big reason why I don’t compare myself nowadays is because I’m playing my own game. I don’t abide by anyone else’s definition of success. I know my values and I do my best to live true to those values each day. If I were playing the career, entrepreneurship, or status game, many people are playing those games too and I’ve got countless other people further along in the journey to compare myself to. However, when you’re charting your own path, there aren’t many others to compare yourself to.

January 8, 2024

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