Beyond the Uniform

A few of my schoolmates rocking our uniform on Pink DayA few of my schoolmates rocking our uniform on Pink Day

Tan France’s Masterclass, Style for Everyone, emphasizes the idea you can be stylish anywhere, despite any school or work-imposed dress codes. France cites his own personal experience of adhering to a strict school uniform while still finding ways to express his individuality.

In high school, boys and girls alike had to wear a burgundy blazer, white oxford shirt, brown khakis, and all-black shoes. Despite the strict dress code, we found creative ways to express our individuality. My friend had an array of vibrant ties, another donned bowties, older students wore G-shocks, and some girls rocked handbags instead of backpacks. My signature style was a carabiner with a few flashy keychains on my front belt loop.

Whatever the constraint, we always found ways to express ourselves.

July 4, 2023

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