Cold Emails

I’d argue that cold emails are an essential skill in this new world. A well written email or DM can get you in touch with nearly anyone you want. With the internet, everyone is accessible and reachable.

You’re one cold email away from landing that dream opportunity, meeting that trajectory-changing mentor, or making a lifelong friend.

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Why You Should Cold Email?

  1. Cold email is your best friend

    Contact people directly if you can. Almost everybody, no matter how powerful they are, reads their personal email. If you can’t find somebody’s email with a Google search, find their personal website or the website of the company they work for.

— David Perell (@david_perell) September 25, 2020

some of the luckiest things in my career have been due to cold emails.

— Sriram Krishnan (@sriramk) December 24, 2019

Cold emails are a great way to open doors.

• Clear CTA
• Be clear and concise
• Show them what action you are going to undertake
• Show them you understand their business and model
• Answer Why you are special?”

Here’s a picture of the email I sent to @jackbutcher:

— Brandon Zhang (@brandonthezhang) August 22, 2020

How do I Cold Email?


“What’s the best cold email you’ve gotten recently, Patrick?” I think you could literally teach this in classes:

— Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) June 30, 2016

Stumbled across the cold email I sent @shl to convince him to hire me at @Gumroad way back when and had a good laugh.

Still incredibly proud of the work we did to help creators earn a living doing what they love — $160 million paid out to creators (and counting!).

— Ryan Delk (@delk) October 16, 2018

A brief masterclass in how to write a great cold email that will probably land her an internship:

ps happy thanksgiving

— delian (@zebulgar) November 29, 2019

Found this old (egregious) email I sent to Evan Spiegel a few years back 😂

Always shoot your shot!

— Niraj Pant (@niraj) December 24, 2019
May 13, 2021

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