Committing to New York City

My welcome to New York City moment came on my first day in NYC. I first moved here in the Summer of 22 renting a family’s Bushwick apartment while they were on vacation. That first evening, my Puerto Rican neighbours were throwing a block party blasting reggaeton until 4am. I couldn’t sleep at all. I didn’t mind it though, that first day was special and I wanted to savor it.

From when I first landed here, I knew that NYC was special, but after living here for more than a year, I understand what makes NYC special. New York City is the internet but in real life. It’s vast, it’s diverse, and it can be distracting at times, but whatever you are looking for you can find it in NYC.

Many people talk about New York as a phase, but not me, I want to live here long term, maybe even my entire life. I love everything about this city: the food, the energy, the diversity, and the people. Inevitably the New York City I fell in love with will change. But to commit something means to accept it for who it is and who it’ll be.

November 27, 2023

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