Creating Gravity

Last week, I went to a small, intimate dinner hosted by one of my writing friends. This was the first time I was meeting him in person and I noticed that he had a certain gravity to him. Gravity in the sense that people are attracted to him, and I’m not talking about a romantic sense, but rather a sense of admiration.

It got me thinking about this idea of gravity. It’s a rare quality to posess, yet it’s extremely powerful. I believe it’s universal as well. If someone has gravity, most people will find this person attractive.

I’ve met few people with gravity in my life. But I noticed that they have some core, fundamental similarities: they have a strong sense of self and are living in line with their values. They know who they are. They have strong convictions. Maybe they’re pursuing something bigger than themselves, or maybe they have this aura of love wherever they go. This self assuredness and authenticity is rare and when people sense this, they are attracted to it. They want to be around this person.

One indicator of gravity is how other people talk about them? Do they hold them in high regard? Do people want to be around them? If so, then maybe this person has gravity.

January 24, 2023

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