Creative Marketing

You’re a producer that makes beats, how do you go about promoting them? Maybe you’ll upload them to Soundcloud and Spotify, tell a few friends, and announce it on Instagram.

This is what most producers would do. But a young, up-and-coming producer named Mai is different. Mai went around Los Angeles asking random people to freestyle on his beats. The result? A fun, entertaining video that went viral with millions of views. It’s an ingenious way to promote himself.

Many artists are creative when making their art yet that creativity stops when it comes to marketing and promoting themselves. I’m guilty of this too. Derek Sivers has this idea that art doesn’t end at the edge of the canvas. That the creative process doesn’t stop when your piece is finished, but the act of communicating your art to world is an extension of your art. Mai is a great example of this.

September 17, 2022

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