What’s the Point of Daily Blogging?

The point isn’t to write masterpieces. The point isn’t to virtual signal intelligence. The point isn’t to impress people.

The point is to write for yourself. If I wasn’t intrinsically motivated I don’t think I would’ve kept writing every day for this long.

Even if no one reads my blog I get so much out of writing it. This is where I can write what I think about a particular subject, why, and how I reached that conclusion.

By asking myself why I do things, I can start to change behaviors I don’t like.

For instance, Stumbling Throughtaught me the beauty in the struggle. That sometimes it’s better to stumble through things then to ask for the answer.

Thinking For Yourself is a piece on how we consume too much information and think too little. It inspired me to stop doomscrolling and reading other people’s opinions and take time to think for myself instead.

Reflecting on experiences, adjusting ourselves, improving processes that don’t work, all of that is worth sharing.

January 20, 2021

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