Eisenhower Matrix

Dwight D Eisenhower lived an extremely productive life. Not only was he a former US president but he was also a five-star general, President of Columbia University, and Supreme Commander of NATO.

How did he manage his time? One strategy he used is a prioritization framework now known as the Eisenhower matrix.

credits to todoist.com for the diagramcredits to todoist.com for the diagram

It’s easy to fall in the urgent trap. Working on things that are urgent but not important and not working on important things that aren’t urgent. This matrix gives clarity on what I should be working on and what I shouldn’t be working on.

I’ve set my goals at the beginning of this year as part of my annual review. Each semester, I also set personal OKRs that tie to those yearly goals. Each week, I’ll reflect on the past week and plan out my week ahead. I’ll experiment with adding this tool to my weekly and daily planning.

February 16, 2021

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