Everyone’s Interesting

When I talk with aspiring writers I’ll often hear them say, I’m not interesting” or I don’t have anything novel to say.”

Straight up, that’s not true.

Everyone’s interesting.

When you’re in your bubble, around people in the same circles and subcultures, then it may seem like you’re not interesting relative to those people.

But to an outsider that doesn’t understand that subculture you’re incredibly interesting. What’s obvious to you is not obvious to them.

As an extreme case, take the Hasidic Jewish population in New York. They have their own closed community with their own schools, hospital, police, etc. Even the signs in their neighbourhoods are written in Yiddish. To someone in that community, where they are surrounded by people that look and talk alike, I’m sure they think they aren’t interesting. But as an outsider, you can probably have a viral tiktok account documenting their everyday life.

Whether you’re into tech, art, or canned fish, whatever subculture you belong to, you are infinitetly interesting to any outsider. And that’s worth writing about.

September 21, 2022

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