Everything Always Works Out

At the beginning of the year, I was focused on landing the best full time role possible. I was cold emailing companies, doing informational interviews, mock interviewing and then some. I was playing to win. I landed multiple interviews with a few dream companies and went far in the process. Despite all my effort, my best opportunity ended up being the return offer from the most recent company I interned at.

While I was grateful to finally be employed, to be frank, compared to the other opportunities presented to me, I wasn’t stoked. I wanted to join a late stage rocketship company in an industry that I was interested in. I was skeptical about my previous company’s trajectory and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dedicate my early career to construction tech.

Fast forward to the present, my previous company got acquired by a late stage startup. It wasn’t an acqui-hire either, it was an acquisition that our customers were unanimously excited about and accelerated both product roadmaps. And because of the acquisition, there were a few organizational changes that expanded my scope and responsibility far greater than what a new grad product manager should have. I also found that approaching construction from a curiosity standpoint to be incredibly fulfilling.

Back in January, a few of my top companies included Twitter and Coinbase. Twitter famously laid off half its staff recently and the crypto market has been tanking. Without a doubt, if I got any of these opportunities I would be out of a job.

Instead, I’m right where I want to be, and then some. This is the attitude I bring to any opportunity. No matter if I win or lose, I’ll play for the front of the jersey. And I know that whatever the outcome is, it’ll always work out in the end.

November 16, 2022

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