Everything Seems to Work Out for Him

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Sam Masur, the protagonist in the fantastic book, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, initially comments that everything always seems to go right for his friend and business partner Marx. Later in the novel, he observes that Marx’s luck” is perhaps due to his optimistic outlook on life.

Perspective determines if a situation is positive or negative. I often think of the Oscar Wilde quote: There are two tragedies in this world: Not getting what you want and getting what you want.” Not getting something sucks, yet it enables personal growth. However, if you get what you want, there is no learning experience and potential ego gratification.

Wilde’s outlook suggests that every situation is a tragedy, but by replacing tragedy” with triumph”, one can never have anything to lose. You either win or you learn.

Some people may look at my life from the outside in and come to similar conclusions as Sam did with Marx. And while I have gotten lucky plenty of times in my life. I’ve created a mindset and attitude that attracts luck and can spin any situation in my favor.

May 8, 2023

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