Famous People I’ve Met

I haven’t met many famous people in my life, but here are a few. They only count if I had some sort of verbal exchange. Concerts, conferences, and any sort of event in which you pay to see somebody doesn’t count.

Fall 2018 - Palmer Luckey

During my internship, we hosted an info session for Palmer Luckey’s company, Anduril. Later that evening, we had a private dinner with him and our team. I had a chance to have a quick conversation with him at the end. I asked him if he did psychedelics to which his answer was no.

Summer 2017 - Rupi Kaur.

I developed Rupi Kaur’s website during my second internship which she still uses to this day. The team was me and the lead designer. We had a handful of meetings with Rupi and her manager to discuss the details of the website.

Spring 2012 - Alessia Cara.

Alessia Cara and I went to the same high school but she was a year older.

Remember back in highschool when you missed a test and the teacher would send you to another room to write it? She got sent to my grade 9 religion class. There was a spot open next to me, and Alessia asked me if anyone was sitting there. I said, no.” She said, thanks.” I responded, your welcome.”

What stories do you have of famous people you’ve interacted with?

April 26, 2020

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