Finding the Other

When I went solo travelling to South America back in the Summer of 22, I easily talked with over a hundred people. Within the first minute of talking to someone, I’d know if this was a one night conversation or someone I want to hang out with more. But there were a few people, less than 5, that I truly bonded with. People that I’d be best friends with if the timing and situation was right. There’s people I can hang out with for convenience, and there’s people I can hang out with because we vibe on a fundamental level.

A core part of the human experience is finding your people, people that you truly vibe with, people that you feel energized to be around. Today, I’m at the Verci retreat, I’ve been to all three retreats so far. Verci deserves a much longer essay because a daily post can’t do it justice, it’s been a core part of my NYC experience and through the community I’ve met many kindred spirits. If you haven’t found the other yet, they are out there, you just got to look for them.

March 1, 2024

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