From Here to There

If I’m driving from Toronto to Montreal I’d first search up the route on Google Maps. I wouldn’t drive in the general direction trying to get there through trial and error.

Yet, I’m guilty of doing this, not when travelling, but when accomplishing other goals. For instance, I worked out for years trying to achieve the elusive six pack but it wasn’t until I learned the fundamentals and created a plan that I achieved my goal.

Now, if I’m trying to accomplish any goal, I try to follow the proverbial map. First, I clearly define the goal so I know exactly where I want to be. Then I’ll research how other people got there. The map may have a different starting point, it may be outdated, and we’ll likely need to take a detour along the way, but it’s better to have some sense of direction rather than no direction at all.

October 3, 2020

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