Fun vs. Fulfillment

Doing things that are fun and doing things that are fulfilling are two different things. But the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Going to parties, playing video games, and having sex is fun. Generally speaking, fun is short term thinking; it feels good in the moment. But having fun with the high quality people is long term thinking. It strengthens our bonds, creates memories, and makes us feel good.

Fulfillment on the other hand takes work. It means making sacrifices now and doing what you love. Maybe it means volunteering time to mentor others, working on your first music album, or learning a new craft. Doing these things may not be as fun as partying or playing video games now, but it nourishes us in the long run.

Neither fun or fulfillment is better than the other, rather the two should be balanced. Whatever that balance looks like is for you to decide.

July 3, 2021

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