Good PM, Great PM

Shreyas Doshi, a Product Manager at Stripe has a great twitter thread on the difference between good product managers and great product managers:

There are Good Product Managers and there are Great Product Managers. There are also Okay Product Managers and Bad Product Managers, but we will focus on the Good and the Great here.

Good Product Managers, Great Product Managers, a thread:

— Shreyas Doshi (@shreyas) April 11, 2020

Here are three of my favorites:

5/ Good PMs make product decisions based on a thoroughly logical and rational view of the world. Great PMs view logic and reason as important tools, but they also know that people—and therefore the users & customers of their product—are driven by emotion more than by logic.

12/ Good PMs work hard, are always extremely busy, and are often overwhelmed. Great PMs work hard but are rarely overwhelmed. Great PMs understand task leverage and spend the majority of their time on the highest-leverage tasks for the company. Great PMs also delegate frequently.

20/ Good PMs can describe their product strategy over the course of a short elevator ride. Great PMs ensure that their team members can also describe the product strategy over the course of a short elevator ride.

November 4, 2020 · Product Management

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