How to Find Good Restaurants

For lunch today in Arequipa I found a restaurant on Google maps with stellar reviews. On my way to the restaurant, I found this hole in a wall place packed with locals enjoying their food. I ditched my plans and took a seat in this restaurant instead.

There was no menu at this restaurant, only a meal of the day that everyone in the restaurant was eating. For the appetizer, I was served ceviche. For the main course, fried chicken with rice and beets. For dessert, a Peruvian pudding with quinoa and pineapple. The meal was accompanied with a bottomless fruit drink. This three course meal only cost me 10 solace or 3CAD.

Whether in Colombia or Peru, every time I visited a restaurant that was packed with locals I was never disappointed. I find that this strategy works especially well in non-western, non-first world countries. Many of these places aren’t found on Google Maps or Yelp. Many of them also accept cash only. Yet, the food was always authentic, delicious, and cheap.

May 27, 2022 · South America 2022

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