How to Grow Your Confidence

Confidence compounds. The more confidence you have, the more competent you become, and the more competent you become, the more your confidence grows. Confidence then seems like a chicken and the egg problem.

So how do you grow your confidence initially?

Do hard things.

Do things you never imagined you can do.

What helped me grow my confidence initially was weightlifting. Weightlifting is awesome because its deterministic, there’s a set plan I followed that lead to results. It also has a clear feedback loop, I lift heavier weights and my body became more lean.

It doesn’t have to be weightlifting for you. Maybe you can learn to code, write, or play the piano. Maybe you can start a small business, a book club, or a community.

When you start you may be lost, or you may be terrible, but keep going, and you’ll get better. Eventually, you’ll realize that its not so bad after all. Then you can take that confidence and build on it.

September 21, 2020

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