How to Improve Your Style: Appreciation Without Possession

This is part of my How to Improve Your Style for Men series

To enhance my sense of style, I’ve learned to appreciate pieces without buying them by visiting premium retailers in SoHo and trying on their clothes while window shopping. Here are a few tips:

I used to be intimidated by high-end stores in the past, and I sometimes still am. However, I have learned that store associates are often bored and willing to show you around if you’re polite and interested. I viewed every store as a classroom and every associate as a teacher, particularly when I was starting out. Many of these individuals are fashion enthusiasts and have extensive knowledge about the brand and fashion as a whole.

Observe the mannequins. The mannequins are not randomly dressed by store associates but by professional stylists. Professional stylists carefully design and arrange the mannequins, considering factors such as layering and color choices. I often take pictures of the mannequins for inspiration for my outfits.

Try on the items to get a feel for them and understand what a high-quality piece should feel like. This will help you develop an appreciation for premium items and enhance your eye for quality. It’s not just about the materials and construction that make a piece premium, but also how it drapes on your body. Wearing a premium piece from a luxury retailer will further refine your taste when you shop at different retailers especially if you go thrifting.

January 31, 2024 · How to Improve Your Style

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