Hyperlink are Everywhere

One of my favorite techniques for discovering new things is following hyperlinks. I do this all the time when I’m on wikipedia. Yet, hyperlinks are also everywhere.

Books have a ton of them, I like to think of books as the original internet. If we think of the internet as a web of interconnected ideas; a book is like an article or website and every reference in that book is a hyperlink to a different resource, or a different place in the internet.

If a book I’m reading a mentions a work, a person, or a historical event I don’t know about, I’ll search it up.

For example, Patti Smith’s Just Kids, had a bunch of hyperlinks” in it.

Their favorite song is Tim Hardin’s, How Can We Hang on To a Dream.

Patti made friends with Janis Joplin at one point.

Its also briefly mentioned 1960s social movement, Summer of Love.

Next time your reading an article, a book, or consuming any sort of content. Let your curiosity guide you and you too will notice that hyperlinks are everywhere.

February 6, 2020

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