Idea Flux

Some weeks, I’ll have a ton of ideas, other weeks not so many. I call this idea flux. Idea flux is a phrase I use to describe the number of ideas going through my head at any one time.

Idea flux is a leading indicator for creativity. It can tell me the quality of my information diet, if I’m exploring my curiosity, if I’m having high quality conversations, etc.

During my gap semester, my idea flux was high. I was intentional on how I was spending my time, I read lots of great books from different fields, and I was having plenty of high quality conversations.

But during school semesters, I find my idea flux is low. One obvious reason is my change of focus towards school work and a tough course load. And in order to get decent grades I feel as if I need to surpress my curiosity. Curious people do not get rewarded in the school system which is why it’s a rare trait. And a curiosity is a large contributor to idea flux.

Though it is unfair to compare my gap term to a school semester on the basis of idea flux, when I compare a school semester to an internship, the idea flux is still much lower.

Ultimately, I need to be more discipline and orderly during a school term so I can be creative and original with my work.

August 18, 2020

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