We’ve all heard about FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out. But have you heard of JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out?

A lot of events, product launches, and communities leverage FOMO to encourage us to attend an event, participate in a product launch, or join a community. Especially, throughout university I’ve made a handful of decisions based off of FOMO.

JOMO on the other hand, is missing out on something and being fine with it.

Recently, I felt JOMO when it comes to Clubhouse. For those that don’t know, Clubhouse is a social network app based on voice where anyone can talk, listen, and learn from each other. It’s hyped as the next big thing, especially on circles in Twitter, and maybe they’re right, but I have no desire to join.

Similar to how we can view the glass as half full or half empty, FOMO and JOMO are all about perspective.

January 26, 2021

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