Keep Being Bad

I’ve written plenty of times before about my struggles with writing growing up. I wasn’t naturally good at it. I struggled to articulate my thoughts on paper. English class was consistently my worst subject by a wide margin. I’d compare myself to my writing friends and concluded that they had something I didn’t.

Last year, I wanted to get better at writing. Yes, I might’ve sucked at writing in the past, but now, I didn’t care, I’d write anyways. No one starts out as an expert. So I just kept writing and tried to get improve everyday. Now, I’m quite confident in my writing ability.

Nowadays, I’m preparing for product management interviews. It’s a grueling process with lots of different question types. I bombed my first few mock interviews, but I didn’t care. I did them anyways. I did them everyday until I got better.

I find this process of stumbling through and improving addictive. To eventually get competent at something that seemed so difficult is an incredibly rewarding experience.

October 27, 2021

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