Knife Sharpening Store

My friend was telling me about all the weird shops in New York City including a knife sharpening store. I’ve seen stores that sold knives but never one dedicated specifically to knife sharpening.

Home to 8.4 million people, NYC is the most populous city in the US. Perhaps creating a knife store would be too broad and too competitive. However, in a city as big as NYC, I imagine you’d need to cater to around a thousand customers to build a sustainable business. A thousand customers or 0.000125% of the population. Perhaps there are cooks at high-end restaurants or knife aficionados that are willing to spend extra time and energy to take care of their equipment.

The digital population, the amount of people with access to internet, is 4.6 billion people. If you’re starting an internet business or writing a blog, opening a knife sharpening store is likely a more effective strategy than opening a cooking supply shop.

November 29, 2021

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