Knowledge Transfer

Before technology, the only means of knowledge transfer was books and word of mouth. If I wanted to learn, I either had to read or talk to the smartest people.

This is not the case anymore.

Technology has unlocked new dimensions of knowledge transfer.

From TV, to Movies, to audio recordings.

Most recently, the internet has been revolutionary in creating mediums and distribution. Now everyone can create and has access to this knowledge.

The new generation of knowledge transfer mediums include:

Online video. Especially on youtube, there are countless tutorials teaching everything from cooking to calculus.

Podcasts. Podcasting is a fairly low barrier to entry medium and you can listen to audio anywhere. For me, the power of podcasts comes from listening to genuine, long form conversations between exceptional minds.

Blogs. If I wanted to publish my ideas out there into the world, I would need to write a book. Now, the middleman has been eliminated and anyone can blog.

I can’t help to think of how much knowledge has been lost due to lack of knowledge transfer. Imagine listening to a podcast conversation between Plato and Aristotle? Or if Confucius had a Twitter account? How about if Einstein had a blog?

What thoughts would they have shared?

January 15, 2020

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