LeBron James on Pressure

Reporter: How much pressure do you feel?

LeBron: There’s no pressure. There’s no pressure at all. I’ve been getting pressure since I was 10 years old. I don’t think there’s any pressure for me because I’m doing something I love to do and that’s play the game of basketball. I’m doing the same thing that y’all love to do and that’s y’all like to watch me play basketball. If I ask y’all that question, y’all going to say the same thing, is there any pressure to ask me these questions? There’s no pressure because y’all know how to do what y’all do.

While Lebron James was in high school, he was touted as the most hyped basketball prospect ever. As a teenager, he received constant media attention. Before even playing a game in the NBA, people were saying that he’d be a bust if he wasn’t a first ballot hall of famer.

Today, I rewatched his first interview from 2003 before entering the NBA. Even as a 18 year old, he had the poise and maturity of someone much older. When asked if he feels the pressure he simply answers, there is no pressure.

Almost twenty years later, he’s a 4x NBA Champion, 4x NBA Finals MVP, 4x NBA MVP, 18x All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist, and on track to becoming the NBAs all-time leader in points.

LeBron James not only met his sky high expectations but exceeded them.

Not bad at all for a kid from Akron.

October 1, 2022

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