Live Curiously, the Rest Will Follow

My friend asked me for advice on how to work hard without getting too attached to the results. I told him to lead with curiosity—the most pure form of motivation.

I dedicate many of my nights and weekends to writing. Even if I’m usually exhausted from work, writing revitalizes me. In the past, I went through cycles when I was motivated to write for external reasons such as building an audience, but it killed the joy I had for the craft.

And the thing is, leading with curiosity leads to practice value. Nowadays, I write every day because I can’t help myself, I have to do it. It’s an outlet for my curiosity and I love doing it. Through writing, I met some of my best friends, I got my current job, and I’ve grown immensely as a person. Even if I gain nothing external from this point forward, I’ll still keep writing because the writing is the reward.

September 26, 2023

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