Make People Curious in One Sentence

What do you write about?

I get asked this question all the time. Yet, I still struggle to answer it. One reason is that I write about literally everything and I try to describe my entire blog. Then midway through my long winded response I realize I’m losing the other person.

Another reason is because I’ve always been shy about promoting my work. I never really post on social media. I don’t talk about my writing to others. As I’m on the journey of finding an audience this is a narrative I’m actively unlearning. I’m proud of my writing, my blog, and my work. And if I’m going to find my audience, I’ll need to Own It.

I like the way that Derek Sivers thinks about this question of, What music do you make?” or in my case, What do you write about?” It isn’t about answering the question, it’s about making the other person curious. It’s a chance to show others my work.

So instead of giving a long winded response, just say one line. One line that makes them curious enough to read.

December 19, 2022

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