Making the Most of Your Holidays

Going into the holidays, I find I always have a large backlog of todos: catchup with x friend, rebalance my portfolio, update my website bio, read y book, write z article, the list is endless.

I find going into the break with a set priority quite helpful. Here are my top priorities:

  1. Time for myself (reflect, plan, recover)
  2. Time for family
  3. Time for friends

I try going home at least 4x a year. Once for Christmas, once for Canadian Thanksgiving, and twice throughout the year whether it be for my parent’s/sister’s birthday or other occasion. Most of my visits home last around a week, the exception being Christmas when I stay home for ~2 weeks. That means I’m home 5/52 weeks a year which really isn’t much. I’m reminded of how 90%+ of my in-person parent time is already gone, and any time I spend with my family is precious. Despite that, it’s important that I put myself first. I focus on my own rest and recovery so I have more of myself to share with both family and friends.

December 23, 2023

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