Momentum and Agency

I was reading George Mack’s newsletter today and he posed an interesting question:

If you were offered your location, relationship or career to start fresh in it today — would you still do it?

Early in college, I read a piece on Network Effects and it explained how the 6 crossroads in one’s life:

  1. What family you’re born into
  2. High school network
  3. College network
  4. Your first job
  5. Your life partner
  6. Where you live

At the time I read this article, the first three crossroads were already made up. But I still had time and agency to decide on the last three. Realizing the significance of choosing the right job and city, I dedicated ample time to carefully considering these decisions.

If I were offered the chance to live in New York City, I’d take it. Anyone who’s followed my blog so far knows how much I love NYC.

If I were offered my current job, I’d take it. I’ve got great coworkers, I’m bullish on my company’s trajectory, and there’s plenty of room for career growth.

The question of a life partner is the last crossroad left for me.

Looking back on these decisions, it’s no wonder why the period after college is so critical. That’s the point of our life that we have the most agency to make some of the most important decisions of our lives.

March 17, 2024

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