My Belts are Garbage

Reporter points to table of Mike Tyson’s championship belts

Reporter: This is history. You are history.

Tyson: This is garbage.

Reporter: So this is meaningless to you?

Tyson: No, at one time it meant a lot. When you’re just a young kid this is everything to you. Then you realize your priorities change. You just want your children to be happy and to do nice things. And that’s what makes you happy. This is nothing.

Mike Tyson had a tumultuous childhood, became a world champion heavyweight boxer at a young age, and has had multiple altercations inside and outside of the ring.

Despite becoming a boxing legend and superstar status, he realized that his accomplishments didn’t matter anymore. It’s ironic that many people who have reached the pinnacle of success aren’t happy, yet we continue to idolize and follow in their footsteps. Perhaps this is a lesson that’s best learned through experience.

October 28, 2023

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