New York’s Fingerprints are Everywhere

One of the restaurants on the cruise I’m on has a photo of the Empire State Building, another photo of the classic green NYC street sign with white font that reads Wall Street,” and another photo of the statue at the Rockefeller plaza with Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.

On another evening on the cruise, a musician was playing a set featuring some throwback classics including Sinatra’s, New York, New York.”

We docked at this small town in Italy called Ravenna, and I saw a little schoolgirl wearing a shirt that said Brooklyn, New York.”

Whenever I travel away from New York, I see her references everywhere and they remind me of her. What’s special about NYC is living in a place that everyone knows, that everyone wants to visit. Whenever I leave the city, I’m reminded that there’s no place like New York.

June 3, 2024

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