One of my internet friends, Louis Pereira, built this neat tool called Nicheless. Here’s his explanation:

Think of Nicheless as the love-child of your private journal and public newsletter. A place for half-baked insights you want your mind to marinate in. A home for your nicheless thoughts.

An arena for unconstrained expression, within a format that is characterised by its constraints. There are no images. No videos. No logos. No likes. No comments. No publicly displayed subscriber counts.

Just words.

A maximum of 300 per post.

I hope you’ll use it to write in public, if only for thinking’s sake.

Though I haven’t used the tool yet I love the idea. Much because, the motivation behind Nicheless is identical to why I write every day.

Here, I don’t write about a particular niche, contrary to every content growth strategy out there. This is a playground for my ideas. This a canvas to express myself. Most posts are lightly edited. There’s no vanity metrics and I rarely ever check my analytics. Some days I might publish early, some days like today, I’ll publish late at night, but you can bet I’ll have something new on my blog everyday.

April 11, 2022

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