Old Game

Credits to Woke Salary Man

Lebron James is an anomaly in the world of basketball. The average age for an NBA player to retire is 34 years old. He’s 39 years old and still putting up similar numbers as his prime.

LeBron James continuously adapted his basketball skills throughout his career. Initially relying on his athleticism for driving to the basket, he later realized the need to develop his jump shot. In addition, he focused on enhancing his mental game by studying opponent plays and scouting reports. Lebron worked on his old game” by improving his basketball IQ and advancing his technique which compensated for his declining athleticism.

This idea of old game” is relevant for anyone’s career outside of basketball. Because I’m still young, I can work long hours because I have the time and energy. But, as my life and career advance, I will need to develop my old game” like management, communication, and leadership skills for when I have a family or as my energy diminishes with age.

April 6, 2024

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