On Burnout

My friend shared that she experienced burnout at a comfortable corporate job. Despite the light workload, she found it mentally exhausting due to the lack of stimulation. She mentioned that burnout can stem from not being your full self in a job or relationship, leading to the draining need to maintain a facade.

During my time at University, I would experience burnout every month at the minimum. I wasn’t motivated by my academics and it was a heavy workload. I had to perform all sorts of mental gymnastics to generate the motivation needed to get me to complete that assignment or study for that final exam. During emotional challenges like rejection or heartbreak, I didn’t have time to dwell on my feelings. I had to persevere despite the mental exhaustion. But sometimes I would hit my limit and completely burn out.

Here in New York, I rarely get burned out. I stay energized by surrounding myself with people who uplift me, working a job where I can be myself, and engaging in writing and communities that are aligned with my values. Despite appearing busy externally, it doesn’t feel that way because everything I do is fulfilling and enjoyable.

March 24, 2024

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